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What is Fused


Fused glass is the process of cutting sheets of glass with a glass cutter and pliers and arranging them anyway you want so that they fuse together in the kiln. You can stack and build things, you can add detail you can create something totally unique. 


I was drawn to cutting glass when I was ten. I saw teenagers doing glass cutting at the studio where I took art classes and I just had to try. I instantly found glass empowering - and just the right kind of risky. I loved it's rich colors and the ability to use color to create bold, beautiful unique pieces of art.   

Now I use glass to inspire and empower others. The process of cutting glass can teach us about reflection, wholeness and brokeness, the layers in our lives and so much more. Additionally I often use glass workshops to connect to our Jewish tradition either through text study or through the creation of Jewish ritual objects. 

Every workshop I do is custom created. Keep reading to learn more or check out my ETSY page to see my work.  






Workshops are for everyone.

Any age. Big Groups. Small Groups. Private Parties. 

Sasha will bring all the glass and supplies you need to be empowered to learn something new and create something beautiful. 

All workshops are custom created. Just email below to co-create your own artistic or education expirence. 


Rabbi Sam Pollak

We loved having Sasha help our community make mezuzot. Adult participants were moved by the conversation she led around what a mezuzah means to them, and they were thrilled with how their projects turned out. Parents and children also enjoyed working together and sharing their creative ideas. So many people immediately wanted her to come back again!


- Rabbi Sam Pollak, The Community Synagogue (Port Washington, New York)


Julie Smelansky

Sasha's fused glass workshop is a must for all ages! Sasha is amazing to work with and she leads an incredibly engaging and fun class. She is helpful and patient and does a great job guiding her students. The final products turn out awesome and there are various items to pick from so you can invite her back over and over again. After inviting Sasha to lead this workshop once, I am still getting asked to do the workshop again! Do yourself a favor and book this workshop. You won't regret it! 

-Julie Smelansky

JCC Manhattan

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Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal

I've had the pleasure of working with Sasha to put together glass workshops for a number of different settings. From our early childhood students, to family workshops, to workshops for staff and programs for teens, Sasha's glass workshops are beloved. She is very knowledgeable about glass and the ritual items she creates, and people come away feeling like they have learned a new skill and have created beautiful art in the process. The workshop we did for High School seniors where they created mezuzzot to take to college was so powerful, as parents and students worked together to mark this important moment on their child's journey. On the other end of the age spectrum, watching our nursery school students confidently cut glass under her watchful eye and create a mezuzah for their classroom was one of the highlights of the year. Sasha is equally able to run small group programs, like wine and glass making for parents, and large-scale workshops, like helping 100 4th graders and their parents make Shabbat candlesticks. Sasha knows that anyone can be a glass artist and she's there to support you every step of the way.

-Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal, Central Synagogue, New York, NY

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